Safety Valve IBOP

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A Safety Valve is a vital component of the completing and servicing operation. The valve acts as a failsafe to prevent the uncontrolled release of reservoir fluids.


D‑Valves manufactures Safety Valves from chromoly steel and uses the latest in stainless, monel and bronze for the internal parts, meeting NACE specifications for use in sour service. Safety Valves are only available in two piece body construction and are supplied with either tubing (EUE or LTC) or proprietary connections. Safety Valves are available in 5000 or 10,000 PSI.

All Safety Valves are extensively tested in our facilities to ensure the highest quality and that the product will perform to specifications when used in the field.


  • Comes with certified test report
  • Positive sealing in both directions, even at low pressures
  • H2S corrosion resistant as per NACE MR0175
  • Identifiable open and close markings
  • Available with a wide variety of sizes and end connections
  • Two piece body with full drift bores
  • Operating wrench and thread protectors included
  • Major repair kits available for every valve
  • Documented history for all manufactured products
  • Service and support by D‑Valves

Series #Valve ConfigurationHex WrenchID (inches)OD (inches)Pressure (PSI)Weight (lbs)Length (inches)
D2306TSC2 3/8 Eue Pin by Box5/82.0003.85050005021.0
D2306BxB-10K2 3/8 Eue Box by Box5/82.0004.500100006016.5
D2875T2 7/8 Eue Pin by box5/82.4305.25050009022.5
D2875TSC2 7/8 Eue Pin by Box5/82.4304.75050008522.5
D2875BxB-10K2 7/8 Eue Box by Box5/82.4306.0001000012020.5
D35003 1/2 Eue Pin by Box3/42.9506.125500014026.5
D3500BxB-10K3 1/2 Eue Box by Box3/42.9507.0001000018024.5
D4500SC4 1/2 Eue Box by Box7/84.0006.900500020028.0
D4500 4 1/2 Eue Box by Box7/84.0007.8751000029028.0
D55065 1/2 LTC Box by Box7/85.0609.5001000040034.0

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