Float Sub IBOP

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The Float Sub IBOP is used to control back flow from high pressure formations through the drill string back to the surface when joints are added. It also allows for downward fluid circulation within the drill string.


D‑Valves manufactures the Float Sub IBOP body and sub from chromoly steel and uses third party, industry approved, plunger (dart) and flapper float assemblies. The Float Sub IBOPs are available in one or two piece body construction and are supplied with either API or proprietary connections. Float Sub IBOPs are available in 5000 or 7500 PSI.

The plunger (dart) float assembly offers positive and instant shut-off, assuring continuous control of fluid flow during drilling.

The flapper float assembly provides a completely unrestricted bore through the valve and is designed for highly abrasive fluids. The flapper also closes quickly keeping cuttings out of the drill string preventing plugging of the bit.

All Float Sub IBOPs are extensively tested in our facilities to ensure the highest quality and that the product will perform to specifications when used in the field.


  • Comes with certified test report
  • Optional Top Cap / Bleeder Cap
  • Sour service applicable
  • Available with a wide variety of sizes and end connections
  • Major repair kits available for every valve
  • Documented history for all manufactured products
  • Service and support by D‑Valves

Series #Valve ConfigurationID (inches) OD (inches)Float SizePressure (PSI)Weight (lbs)Length (inches)Alternate Threads
D2375-FS2 3/8 Eue Pin by Box1.5003.3751F2R50005023
D2875-FS2 7/8 Eue Pin by box1.5003.5001F2R50006026
D3500-FS3 1/2 Eue Pin by Box 2.2504.5003F500011533
D2375IF-FS2 3/8 IF Pin by Box1.5003.3751F2R50005023
D2875IF-FS2 7/8 IF Pin by Box1.8754.2502F-3R50008024.52 7/8 AOH, 2 7/8 SLH-90
D3500IF-FS3 1/2 IF Pin by Box1.8755.0002F-3R750012525.54 FH
D3500DS40-FSDS40 Pin by Box1.8755.2502F-3R750017532.5
D4500IF-FS4 1/2 IF Pin by Box2.3756.3754R750017021.54 1/2 XH, 4 1/2 H90
D5250FH-FS5 1/2 FH Pin by Box3.2507.2505F-6R750033035

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